What to Bring

Personal Items

The vessel is fully equipped with a full service galley, showers and sleep accommodations.  You need to bring whatever you would normally bring in your overnight bag - toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, sun screen, etc.  If you think you might get seasick, bring some dramaine.  Most items you forget can be purchased from our landing store before departure or on the boat.  Due to regulations we cannot sell medication on the boat.

California Fishing License

All anglers 16 and up are required to have a California fishing license, a license can be purchase at the landing office before departure.  A one day license is about $15.00 and a yearly is around $50.00, our landing staff sell you a license on the spot.


We have beautiful double wide staterooms.  We furnish pillows and blankets.  If you think you will have a problem sleeping around others, you can bring some earplugs.  Usually you are too excited to sleep on the way out and dead tired on the way in so sleeping is not a problem.

Although we are on first come, first bunk basis, we ask that you let couples or parents with children secure the same bunk room.  If you have sleeping apnea equipment, please let us know before the passengers board so we can reserve a bunk with an outlet for you.

Building Your Tackle Box

You do not need all of the following but when building your equipment we suggest you start with the following.

1st Set Up - 20 lb. line set-up - All around
2nd Set Up - 30 lb. line set-up - big fish
3rd Set Up - 15 lb. line set-up for light line action or Bass

Hooks - #2/0, #3/0 - fishing live squid and sardines
Hooks - #4 for small bait fish - anchovies & sardines
Hooks - Overall Owner Flyliner #1 (Pinky’s favorite)

Torpedo Sinkers - 4oz, 6oz. & 8oz. sinkers for bottom dropper loop style fishing
Sliding Egg Sinkers - 1/8oz, 3/8oz, 1/2oz. and 1oz. sliding sinkers

Tady 45 - Dorado color
Tady 45 - Mint & White color
Salas 6X Scramble Egg
Tady 9 Blue & White

Add for Offshore Trips

We normally do not troll for island trips.
Trolling rod optional when we fish offshore, we have trolling rods to loan.
Trolling feathers and trolling gear.