Annual Father’s Day Trip

My Yellowtail weighed 24Lbs., I was fishing a CalStar 900M with a Shimano TN30, loaded with 40lb Mono, 1/4oz slider sinker and 6/0 Owner Aki Twist Hook  with Squid for Bait.   I landed the Yellowtail fishing near a reef so I put some wood on it to get it to the boat in less then 5 minutes before he could break me off or kelp me.  Went on my Annual Fathers Day Trip with my Dad and brother on the FREEDOM.  We started doing this trip every year because I work for the Coast Guard and didn’t get to visit home that often and let alone fish here in SoCal so I make it a point to have this Father’s Day trip with my Dad and brother every year. My bro and I split my Dad’s fare, galley and all, for our little gift to him. We try to get on this boat every year because of Captain Tom and his Awesome Crew. That’s why we love this boat. Killer fishing is just extra. I was one of the lucky guys that caught 1 of 3 yellows on the boat that day. I couldn’t of had a better day with my old man and bro on Father’s Day. To me there is not a better way to spend it than on the water with your Pops! The memories will last forever.

Tyrone Gyotoku – Bellflower, CA


The scope of this review exclusively covers the Freedom and its wonderful crew.  On Saturday morning, I started making last minute plans to go on a full day trip.  I checked out Ciscos, Santa Barbara, and finally settled on the one closest to my house which was a 1.5 day trip to San Nicholas Island out of Pedro.  The last time I went there was in 6/83 shortly after I obtained my open water certification on the dive boat Charisma.   To say the least, it was a trip that I will never forget.  I hope that one day, there is no longer any need to maintain a military base of any kind on any of our offshore islands or any of our shores and that people would rather fish than fight.   This trip was every bit as un-forgettable as the first even though I stayed dry.  There is nothing, and I repeat nothing,  better than BEER BATTERED, DEEP FRIED FRESH LING COD, chips, homemade rosemary tartar sauce, and some cole slaw.   If you can get it out of the water and on the table within 24 hours, you will see what I am talking about.  The captain and deck hands will go out of their way to help you catch one of these beasts which are a minimum of 22 inches (around 8-10lbs avg.).  Oh, you don’t have much experience fishing?  The crew and the other fishermen are going to be eager to assist you.  And each fishing spot he anchored at teemed with rockfish.   I also wanted to give a shout out to the passengers who clearly go on this boat regularly.  Cool people who will treat you well and regale you with decades of fish stories.  They will encourage you as you reel in your fish and maybe even teach you how to tie a knot to help you get more rockfish!  Well, I can’t comment on the Monte Carlo or any of the other boats, but this experience I had on the Freedom was top-notch.  I could hardly carry the burlap sack of fish I caught up the stairs it was so heavy.   I will be back on this boat and telling all my friends about the great experience without a doubt.

Review from David A.
22nd Street Landing   Los Angeles, CA  4/30/2012