Black List

This is the list of Anglers that make reservations and do not show up.  When we are running light we need 15 anglers just to break even on fuel and crew.  Our dedicated office staff calls these people the day of the trip to confirm they are coming - “Oh sure, they are on the way”….. When it comes time to leave we have to run light.  This hurts us a lot, so what do we do raise the price for the people that do show up?  send them home with the name and numbers of the anglers that screwed them out of their trip when we had to cancel?

I’ll take the old fashion approach - and list their names here:

Steve Gragan (?)  (562) 517-1120        bogus number
Mark Seymour  (562) 522-4111           caller ID number
Christopher Koury (562) 522-4111    phone used to make “No Show” reservations
Steve Gragan called and made reservations for the 2-1/2 day, on the day of departure.  He made the reservation for Mark Seymour and himself.  Neither one showed up.  The boat has over 100 mixed fish, with 75+ bluefin all in the 40-50lb. class range for the first day - the jokes on them. 

Others that are blacklisted off the Freedom:

James Benson  (ask Pinky)

These people will no longer be able to make a reservation on the Freedom.  They can come to the window and purchase a ticket, if one is available.  To get off the list, you have to go through me.  Pinky