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Greetings it’s me, PINKY !

When I am at the landing and everyone is anxiously awaiting to board the FREEDOM, I love, love talking to all of you!  Everyone always gives me a wealth of good information.  I always think that I need to write that down and share the info.  so where else to put it than my own blog.  So… this blog is mine, free to write anything I want!  I hope you enjoy the information and if you have anything worth sharing fishing or not… you can e-mail me at [email protected]

Good Luck and Good Fishing!   Pinky



SCOPACE PILLS - No Longer Available
For all those anglers that rely on SCOPACE the little white pill that says “HOPE” on it, Hope Laboratories will no longer be making it.  SCOPACE is a motion sickness pill that rocks!  It works within minutes even after you are already sick.  If you currently hold a prescription, you need to see if you can fill it right away.  Kaiser and CVS still had a supply last I checked.  No silly, I don’t get seasick!  I get smell sick! and that is why I carry a little tin of Vicks Vapor Rub in my tackle box.  Vicks works wonders if diesel fumes make you sick, rub a little in your nose.

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