The Captains are the same but our new crew puts the others to shame!

Meet The Crew


Thomas Lee - Owner/Operator   -  Captain Tommy Lee fulfilled his lifelong dream of owning a sport boat when he purchased the FREEDOM in 2003.  Growing up in the sport fishing industry he has built his reputation of being hard working, fair and honest.  Captain Tom is dedicated to putting you on the fish and giving you the best service available.  Tom is one of the few Captains you’ll find coming out of the wheelhouse and working the deck side by side with the crew and customers.  Tom believes “money is only printed paper unless it’s earned.”  Tom and the entire crew work hard at keeping the FREEDOM #1.   Tom knows without a top notch crew you can’t survive in this tough business.  He is proud of each and everyone of his crew for their dedication.


Captain Sal Salazar  -  Sal became a deckhand in 2007 and then a Captain in 2011.  Retired from the Navy and the Army, Sal was a customer that we decided to keep hold of.  Sal’s love for fishing drew him to the boat.  During his short leaves from fighting the wars he would return home and fish.  One final trip he told us he was retiring from the service and he didn’t know what he was going to do with all his free time - he got a pair a slickers and deck boots.  Sal is now one of our dedicated Captains.  This year 2013, Sal mastered the skill of docking the FREEDOM!  Our passengers know that it’s like parking a greyhound on a postage stamp - tough!  It is with great confidence that Captain Tommy Lee lets him take the helm - Congratulation Sal on a great performance - this Military man always performs to perfection!


Captain Butch Diaz “Goose”   -   Butch was on loan from another boat but we bribed him to stay for the season with some good old fashion “Chic-O-Stics”  Butch is Tom’s wing man aka “Goose” when you are sleeping he is hard at work getting you to the Island or home safely.  Butch has worked on sport boats for over 27 years from San Diego to Oxnard.  We are very fortunate to have him, Goose adds a very positive energy to the crew.



JohnDewittJohnny Dewitt - Galley Chef - He’s back!  Johnny has been a long time favorite cook on the Freedom.  He cooks a mean burger and always serves to please.  When fishing gets going it’s not uncommon to have him on the deck helping gaff.  Returning to the sea after a bout of “landitis” he is back hard at work.



Greg Pate -



Jeffrey Walker - Head Deckhand - Not-so-Little anymore Jeff has grown up fishing in the South Bay area.  Offspring of the famed Captain Brian Walker, fishing is in his blood.  Jeff has grown up on the Freedom and has worked up and down the coast recently down in San Diego.  When Jeff is not working on the boat he is a Tournament Bass Fisherman and student.

Chloe Salazar - Deckhand   -  Chloe is a 4 time IGFA Record Holder and an awesome angler.  Chloe is Captain Sal’s daughter.  While slaying fish she has managed to maintain her grades and make the Honor Roll - Congratulations to our girl!  Chloe has recently graduated high school and would like to go into the nursing field.  Right now she indents to enjoy her FREEDOM and have a great time fishing.  You can always find her on the FREEDOM pulling on big fish.  If you need help she is always friendly and eager to assist.



Robbie Ogden - Deckhand (photo to come)


Pinky - Captain, Certified Chef, Webmaster and Extreme Reservationist!    -  The one that really runs the show!  Over 45 years of fishing experience.  Filling in for the night driver when they want off or flipping burgers when the cook needs off - it’s all good!  Standing by always eager to help.

The Freedom Crew is like a big family - we enjoy each other’s company off the boat as well as on.  Here are some fun pictures of our adventures.








Sal, Pinky & Ika - getting their Trout on!