Labor Day Weekend Annual Hunt

To book your trip follow these easy steps:
1. Click on “Book Now”
2. Click on the green “30″ this is the departure date
3. You will be able to see how many spots are available
4. Scroll to the number of people in your party, it is defaulted to 0
5. Hit the “Next” Button
6. If you hit more than one, enter the other anglers name(s) for the manifest
7. Hit the “Next” Button
8. Confirm your total
9. Hit the “Check Out” Button
10. Follow the simple SECURED credit card checkout and hit the “Next” Button
11. You will receive a confirmation boarding pass.
12. Thank you and if you have any questions do not hesitate to call Pinky at (310) 357-8437

Once you pay for your trip you will be charged and booked. We reserve to overbook by 2.