Freedom Videos

SCI Yellowtail on The Freedom

Tyrone Gyotoku films his Dad on another great fish aboard the Freedom.

“Thank you so Much for your help.  We had a fun trip like Always with you guys.  Here are a Couple Pictures and link to a video I made of my dad fighting the Yellow.  The Freedom Rocks!!!”

Biggest Yellowtail 2012

Brandon Hochman, a videographer & fisher, created this video for us.  It shows the largest Yellowtail of the year.  Check out our latest YouTube Video at

85 ft. of Fun

Here is the actual launching of the Freedom in 1963.  If you notice the galley was not enclosed and the fishers placed their fish in boxes along the rail.  With the boxes gone the Freedom has very wide rail space.  We hope you enjoy this old time video.

976-TUNA Catch It! 2011 Tuna Trip

Nothing beats tuna fishing aboard the Freedom - good friend and great fishing!

Boy Catches Giant Black Seabass 2011

An arm breaking battle between a boy and a giant black sea bass. A fight you just have to see to believe. You have to watch to see if the boy or the 130 pound black sea bass wins

We Are The Champions 2010

A collage of great fishing trips from 2010.

Freedom Five-0

A collage of fishing from 2010.  Pinky gets a new computer and starts going slideshow crazy :P