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(310) 357-8437

You can reach the FREEDOM office by calling (310) 357-8437, we normally take calls from 8am to 11pm.  Call us for your reservation needs or if you just want to talk fishing.  No questions is ever considered stupid if it makes for a successful trip for you.


(310) 832-8304

You can call 22nd Street Landing direct, press 0 for operator assistance.  Sometimes the office is swamped with reservations and getting the boats out, they can’t get to the phone … rather than leave a message, please call us direct (310) 357-8437.  We want to make sure that we are here to serve you.

This is the website…. and if you are here…. you already found us…  WELCOME :)


[email protected]

If you would like to send us your comments, concerns, suggestions  or pictures, this is our private e-mail list.


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Go back to our front page and click in the pink box.  Your email address will be added to our list for upcoming trips and specials.  We value you and respect your privacy so your e-mail is never shared.

[email protected]

If you would like to send us your comments, concerns, suggestions  or pictures, you can do so below or send us an e-mail at our private e-mail listed above.


The Freedom operates out of 22nd Street Landing, located at 141 W. 22nd Street, San Pedro, California.  If you are looking for us by GPS you might want to put in 22nd Street Seafood Bar & Grill, the landing office is directly under the restaurant.

FROM THE 110 FRWY - Coming from the 110 S. toward San Pedro, get off on the Harbor exit, stay to the far right, DO NOT GO OVER THE BRIDGES, you do not want to go to Terminal Island.  You want to get into the far right land to turn right on Harbor Blvd.  …..

FROM THE 710 FRWY - If you are coming from the 710, stay to the right as it enters Long Beach, go to Terminal Island, travel over the two bridges until you see the Harbor Blvd exit, turn right on Harbor Blvd. ….

FROM BOTH FREEWAYS - Now that you’re on Harbor  ….   you’ll drive pass the Maritime museum and past Ports O’Call, Harbor Blvd. changes into Miner without you even noticing… stay on Miner until you come to a STOP SIGN, not a signal, you will see a baseball diamond on the left, continue down the hill, you’ll see the new CRAFTED mall on the right, come to the corner off 22nd Street, which is the first signal you come to - turn right.  The landing is located on the left and we have FREE parking on the right at the park.  Park your car, grab your gear and head on over.  We’ll be waiting for you!