Johnny Orosco Jr.

Johnny’s recent White Seabass trip.


Johnny Orosco Jr. doing what he loves best - scubbing the Freedom!  August 2012


I have been on the Freedom many times and every time I’ve went it has been very fun and  we always catch fish. There are many reasons why I love to fish on the Freedom.  The main reason is that every time I board the Freedom Tom always works his best to try to put us on the fish. I also love that the crew on the Freedom they are always happy to help and they really care about the safety and health of their passengers. Peanut is one of the best and nicest deck hands that I have ever met and he is always happy to get you out of the kelp or help you set up your rigs. Tom is one of the most hard working captains out there. Chloe is also a very nice and helpful person that is more than happy to answer any questions and help with your need. Captain Sal is also a very good man and I really appreciate all the crew on the Freedom. The Freedom is my favorite boat and I love to fish on it.  I have been on many boats and the Freedom is still the most memorable. I like Freedom so much that I have scrubbed the whole boat with the help of Chloe, and I will do that every time that I go on the Freedom because that’s my way of showing that I appreciate their hard work.  -Sincerely,  Johnny Orosco

Hello Darlen/Tom, on April 21 I went aboard the Freedom and Darlen you let me come aboard on your jr. Program. I wanted to say thank you because I really appreciate your kindness. I recently submitted a application to join the Seeker Jr. Pro staff and I had to explain my latest fishing trip. I mentioned my trip aboard the Freedom and this is what I said:

My most recent trip was this past weekend on April 21 on a overnighter aboard the Freedom with Captain Tom Lee and Captain Salazar “Sal”.  We went to San Clemente Island looking for a chance at yellowtail or sea white sea bass, butI’m thinking it might be to early in the season.   A few sacks were filled with bottom grabbers (sheephead, sculpin, and rockfish). The highlight of the day was my dads 100+lbs black sea bass.   Dad landed this beast on 25 lb. mono, on his new 10ft Seeker rod with an Avet MXJ.  I really liked how the crew on the Freedom’s only focus was the safe release of this rare giant of the sea.   My love for fishing began way before I ever held a fishing rod in my hands.  My dad would tell me stories of all his fishing adventures that made me feel like I was there with him.  Dad tells me that the fishing is not the same as it was 15+ years ago and makes me wonder if the fish are slowly dying away.   I love both deep sea fishing and fresh water fishing.   I enjoy fishing for any kind of fish no matter the species. I think I can offer the Seeker Junior Pro Staff a good helping hand because I am not only a hard worker but I am very determined. In this program I hope to accomplish more sport fishing skills and knowledge of new equipment, a view of the fishing industry. Most important, I want to FISH.  - Johnny Orosco Jr.