Chloe’s Kids Corner

Chloe Salazar

4 time IGFA World Champion

Chloe Salazar,  daughter of Captain Sal Salazar, heads up our Kid’s Program.  Chloe helps the kids and newbies tie knots and hone their fishing skills, it’s always nice to learn first hand from a Champion!  Chloe keeps her grades up in school and spends most of her free time fishing.  Chloe is working her way into a deckhand position and someday hopes to hold a Captain’s License in her hands.

Chloe pulled hard on her biggest yellowtail of her life!  None of the boys on the boat wanted a “hand off” - so Chloe finished the job.  Chloe was generous to distribute the fillets to her fellow anglers so everyone shared in her catch - saving the belly and collar for Pinky :)      Our Chloe - a true sportswoman!