The Freedom is available for year-round private charters.  During the fishing season why not have your company, club or group book a fishing trip.  Being out on the water is a great booster!   Your charter can be customized to include food, drink and tackle.  Instructional seminars to suit your needs can be provided.  When the whales are within our range, groups of up to 65 people can enjoy viewing the sea life.  Private charters can be booked for coastal cruises and whale watch'in.  Plan ahead - book a charter and have Captain Tom or Captain Mike come to your location for a seminar on what you can expect on your charter.  Both captains are available for seminars during the off season.  Your group will be well informed before they step on the boat.  They'll learn all about the boat, basic tackle, what to bring, knot tying, etc.  Please call Captain Tom Lee to discuss charters and seminars: (310) 832-8304 or e-mail us at: [email protected] Tom is not always available because he's out on the water.  Your calls will be returned once he reaches land.

Open Party

We typically board 1 hour before departure time if the FREEDOM is in.  If we are still out when you arrive you can check with the landing office and they will be able to give you our ETA.  Anglers line up at the top of the ramp.  We ask that you not continue down the ramp until we instruct you to do so.  This will allow ample room for the anglers coming in.  If you find you have arrived too early, you can browse through the 22nd. St. Landing Tackle store for last minute items. There is also an excellent restaurant above the office.  Once the boat arrives, please understand that we need time to prep for your trip. The boat needs it final's cleaning, bunks need to be made, water and supplies need to loaded.