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Welcome to the Home of Freedom Sportfishing!    

Now Targeting Tuna &Yellowtail

If you cannot get through to our landing office, we will answer questions or
take reservations at (310) 357-8437
We need 15 confirmed passengers to get the boat out!  Book early so the trip can build and go. 

Freedom - September/October 2010 Calendar
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
19 20 21 22 23 24 25
Trip Cancelled    Open Party Open Party Return AM Coatin Open Party
Staying out   Island Trip OFFSHORE   Bachelor Island Trip
late Sat.     TUNA   Party  
    Return PM 1-1/2 Day   Private Return PM
  Depart 10pm Depart 10pm   Depart 10pm Depart 10pm Depart 10pm
26 27 28 29 30 1 2
Izorline Return AM Open Party Retturn AM Open Party Return AM Sold Out
TUNA   TUNA   TUNA   tentative
1-1/2 Day   1-1/2 Day   1-1/2 Day   Return PM
  Depart 10pm   Depart 10pm   Depart 10pm Depart 10pm
3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Open Party Return AM Open Party Retturn AM Open Party Return AM Open Party
TUNA   TUNA   TUNA   2 Day Trip #8
1-1/2 Day   1-1/2 Day   1-1/2 Day   $350.00
  Depart 10pm   Depart 10pm   Depart 10pm  
10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Open Party 976-tuna Return AM        
Last 1-1/2 trip         Sold Out
2 Day Trip #8           AirCold
$350.00 Call         tentative
Return PM 310-328-8426          
Depart 10pm for reservation       Depart 10pm  

- beyond this date, possible 1-1/2 to the Cortes, depending on fish.  If you have a certain date in mind and you want to book the date, please call (310) 357-8437 and we'll have a reservation sheet made at the office.

The Freedom is 85 feet long and 23 feet wide. It is powered by N-14 Cummins engines. The Freedom has all the state of the art electronics, a fresh water making system, a 5 ton salt brine refrigeration hold for your fish and it’s bait tanks hold 150 scoops. The Freedom has 4 heads (bathrooms), two showers, a spacious galley, TV and DVD/VCR. The Freedom is capable of sleeping 64 but we take a much lighter load.


The Freedom strives to offer you the best service in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. All of our captains and crew have years of experience and a reputation for being able to catch fish. You will notice right away that we maintain the highest standards for cleanliness, upkeep and unparalleled service.


The Freedom departs nightly from 22nd Street Landing in San Pedro, fishing San Clemente, Santa Barbara and San Nicholas Islands as well as the Tanner and Cortez Banks. During the season we fish Tuna and Albacore locally. Special two and three day trips are for the angler that wants to catch a lot of fish without the hassle of a big crowd. The Freedom is available for charters at competitive prices.



You are required to leave your First and Last Name, Phone Number and Credit Card Information when making a reservation.  Without permission to run your card for full payment or half deposit at the time the reservation is made, your reservation is "unconfirmed."   If you chose not to leave a credit card, your reservation is "unconfirmed."  Passengers with confirmed reservations will be guaranteed a spot on the boat, passengers with unconfirmed reservation are on a first come, first serve basis.  We take a maximum of 42 passengers.  We keep taking reservations until we have 42 confirmed reservations.


Thanks for allowing us to give you that trip of a lifetime!
• Price includes meals on 2 & 2-1/2 day trips/Beverages Not Included
• Mexican Permits and Excise Tax Not Included
• 50% Deposit Required to Confirm Reservation on All Trips
• Deposit is NOT refundable unless cancellation is made 90 days prior to departure date
• We reserve the right to overbook by 2-4 reservations on all trips




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