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Tune your body and watch your performance soar.


Is your body properly tuned? We are all surrounded by a naturally occurring energy field that constantly reacts to both internal and external influences. When this field is disrupted, the body’s performance and responsiveness is compromised, similar to a precision instrument being out of tune. Conversely, when these frequencies are nurtured, muscles relax, blood flow increases and tension abates.


EFX’s holographic technology contains algorithms and frequencies that interact positively with this energy field in both humans and animals at the cellular level. When placed near the body, especially at key energy centers such as the hands and feet, EFX’s products will harmonize with the body’s naturally occurring bioelectric frequencies.

EFX effectively tunes the body, immediately unleashing its full potential for function and performance.


Some of the most notable results include:

  • Increased balance and strength

  • Enhanced flexibility and motion

  • Better focus and alertness

  • Relief of stress and tension

  • Faster recovery time

  • Abatement of jet lag and motion sickness


Watch It on YouTube click below:


Simple EFX Resistance Test Steps

  • Step 1: Stand with your feet shoulder length apart and stretch out your arms to for a "T" shape.

  • Step 2: The instructor will press down on your elbow. As this happens, resist with toppling over.

  • Step 3: Repeat steps 1-2 to verify the results.

  • Step 4: Lift your right leg, find your balance and stretch out your arms to for a "T" shape.

  • Step 5: The instructor will press down on your right elbow. As this happens, resist with toppling over.

  • Step 6: Place an EFX embedded product onto your body (i.e. wrist). Repeat steps 3-4.



Simple EFX Resistance Test


What is EFX Technology?

EFX is an embedded wearable technology designed to maximize performance and overall well-being by increasing balance, strength, and flexibility. EFX’s technology consists of frequencies that are highly compatible with both humans and animals on a cellular level. Because it works instantly when placed in close proximity with the body’s bio-electric field, real time functional performance gains can often be demonstrated. Like acupuncture, acupressure or deep therapeutic massage, we believe that placing EFX energetic dots near specific energy centers or chakras, may promote or enhance the energy flow along the main meridian channels. Many are able to experience the effects simply by holding or drinking a product embedded with EFX technology. Simple kinesiological muscle testing may be used to determine the effects on balance, strength, flexibility and range of motion. Simply put, EFX is designed to resonate with and tune your body’s naturally occurring bio-electric frequencies, impacting function and performance. When your body is in harmony, muscles relax, blood flow increases, and relaxation replaces tension.


How does it work?

While modern technology was designed to make life easier, products such as televisions, radios, microwaves, scanners, wireless Internet and cell phones (to name a few) all create electronic noise. The human body generates its own bioelectricity that is used by our cells to communicate thoughts, trigger adrenaline, initiate muscle movement, and even make our hearts beat! Unfortunately the noise emitted from electronics is potentially disruptive to the body’s bioelectric field, causing “static” within our bodies. EFX products contain over 100+ algorithms and frequencies that aid the human body in filtering out the static, allowing our cells to communicate as they are intended. This yields a host of benefits for the entire body.


What are the benefits?

When the body is in harmony, the muscles relax and blood circulation increases, creating a host of benefits instantaneously. The immediate effects experienced include increase strength, balance, flexibility and range of motion. EFX products have also been reported to help relieve joint and muscle pain, improve blood circulation, reduce swelling, keep muscles conditioned and flexible, alleviate stress, boost endurance, and prevent motion sickness. Results may vary.


How long will it take to feel the effects?

You will feel the effects immediately! After you put on an EFX product, you will notice better balance, strength and flexibility. Long-term effects such as pain relief and overall wellness may take effect within a few minutes to 24 hours. Try our simple resistance test and see the instant results.


Is EFX Safe?

Absolutely! EFX is not a drug or substance, it is not ingested or absorbed into the body and it emits no harmful radiation. EFX will not interfere with any medical devices, such as pacemakers and is completely safe to wear during pregnancy.


  • EFX does not emit any potentially harmful electromagnetic radiation.

  • EFX is non transdermal.

  • Our products do not contain any restricted substance and contains no metal.

  • EFX is safe for animals.

  • Our products can be worn 24/7, even while sleeping. There are no restrictions to wearing EFX.

  • EFX has not been evaluated by the FDA.

  • Safety results are available upon request.


Are EFX holograms like magnets?

EFX products are not magnets, nor are they magnetic in any way. Magnets create their own electric field, whereas EFX holograms use algorithms and frequencies that are programmed into a piece of metallic material to tune your body’s natural occurring bioelectric field.


What are the holograms made of?

The holograms are made out of metallic material called Mylar (most people are familiar with Mylar from the metallic balloons that are made out of the same material).


What is the difference between EFX and similar products?

EFX products are not magnets, nor are they magnetic in any way. Magnets create their own electric field, whereas EFX holograms use algorithms and frequencies that are programmed into a piece of metallic material to tune your body’s natural occurring bioelectric field. The main difference is the immediate results. Only EFX products demonstrate positive effects instantaneously. Other metal or magnetic-based products will only yield results over time (if at all).


How long will it last?

The power of EFX has no time limit. The EFX dots will not lose their programming unless they are destroyed, which is very difficult to do. You can even cut the dot in half and it will still work! EFX products are designed with the necessary durability to meet the demanding lifestyle of professional athletes.


How long will my bracelet last?

The EFX energetic dots have been fused onto the TPU then stitched on the neoprene wristband. The dots are holograms and waterproof and will not separate even if the fabric is washed or absorbs perspiration, so please do not concern about moisture or wearing it it the water. EFX is always working, which means the effect itself will never go away.


E-mail us at : [email protected] to purchase bracelets

using PayPal or contact Captain Tom on the Freedom.